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Irv's Tuff n' Buff offers an extensive range of services for the restoration, preservation and ongoing care of your vehicle's exterior and interior. All detailing services are performed at our premises or at your place of residence if preferred, tailored to the individual needs of your automobile and what you want to achieve.

Classic Car Wash Cars: $35, SUV/Truck: $45

  • Bio-degradable soap foam wash
  • Tire Dressing
  • Window cleaning
  • Wipe Down
  • Vacuum

Engine Bay Wash $50

Washing and protecting your vehicle's engine bay making it look like the day it wheeled out of the dealer for the first time. Removing of all dirt and grime from the engine that has built up over the time, then protecting all your hoses and plastics from drying up and cracking, giving them more life and saving you trips to the repair shop.


Often called Clay Barring.

Processes used to remove above surface bonded contaminants (meaning anything clinging to the exterior of paint) such as air-borne pollution, tree sap, road tar, paint over-spray, or industrial fallout. leaving your car feeling smooth as your windshield.

Water Spot Removal

Removal of all water spots left from sprinklers. We’ll make those eye soring spots disappear as if they were never there to begin with. Doesn’t matter if they are a few days old or months, we’ll remove them.

Eco-friendly Wash

Water-free carwash with carnauba wax to give your vehicle that glossy wet shine to it.

Motorcycle Detailing

Protecting your motorcycle's paint and chrome from water stains and UV protection.

Interior Detail Cars: $100, SUV/Truck: $125

  • Thorough vacuum
  • Shampooing the seats (if applicable), carpet and carpet/ seat spot removal
  • Leather conditioning (if applicable)
  • Sanitizing and conditioning all panels panels
  • Window cleaning
  • Dashboard dressing
  • Removal of all dirt and grime from all the cracks and crevices

Exterior Detail Cars: $150, SUV/Truck: $200

  • Foam wash with bio-degradable soap
  • Clay bar
  • Carnauba wax with machine
  • Condition to all the trims
  • Wheel clean
  • Tire dressing
  • Window clean

Full Detail Cars: $225, SUV/Truck: $300

Headlight Restoration

Removal of head light haze and fogginess, not only does this revives your vehicles image, but your headlights will illuminate further at night.

Paint Correction

The process of permanently removing below surface imperfections (in or below paint level) from a vehicle’s finish, restoring the true paint color, depth, and clarity, and reflectivity to states which are often better than factory new. These imperfections include: swirl marks or “spider webbing” (caused by improper wash techniques),